Design and construction of individual machines from production of spare parts up to complete appliances.

Based on the Clients’ demands we design the most optimal single-purpose machines that includes the for mechanical engineering necessary mechanical and technical planning, the production of individual spare parts, control-, measuring and bolting techniques, programming and bringing on stream. Beginning from the individual tools, appliances through the manual working places up to the semi- or completely automated stations, production lines we produce appliances that on the long run contribute to the effective production of our Clients.

We got many successful projects behind us out of which we would like to highlight a few without aiming to give an exhaustive list:

  • Sales

    The technical concepts are usually worked on based on the submitted rate requests and coordination that are the base for calculations, respectively offers. They also include the mechanical and technical spare parts that are necessary to realize the offers and the expenditure of human resources.



  • Cutting

    In our cutting plant the spare parts that can not be bought in commercial trade are produced based on exact technical drafts. The individual spare parts are produced based on professional technological instructions of our technologist colleagues on traditional cutting appliances or NC machining centers.



  • Project management

    Our project leading colleagues lead and control the full working process starting from the mechanical planning up to bringing on stream at the Client. They provide continuous information to our partners as well as they function as a strap within the company among the areas about the project’s actual position between the company and the Client.



  • Acquisition

    The acquisition gets a diagram of the items to be ordered through the company management system with the project identifications. Ordering and receiving of certain commercial items go by a defined schedule. This way the necessary products are always available at the right time.



  • Planning, programming

    The planning, programming and at the end aftercare of the ordered single-purpose machine are handled by our planning team that is out of mechanical and electrical engineers that are designated to the project with 3D designer programs, programming software.



  • Assembly, bringing on stream

    The most spectacular phases of the individual mechanical engineering are assembly, fine tuning and bringing on stream. Our mechanics make the assembly of the appliances based on technical assembly drawing. Programming and preparation for production of the already assembled machine, and transfer in fully functional state get realized in this phase, this process ends with transfer to the Client.